Jumbled Mumbled Words

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True Love?


Image courtesy:-  digitalart/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

‘I love you so,’ she heard him say

Her smile glowed as did her face

Her cheeks blushed to a dainty pink

Her eyes did a flutter with every blink.

She twisted her arms, sometimes her feet

Almost as if dancing to a beat

She tucked a curl behind her ear

She fidgeted a bit with her skirt.

She flickered her eyes and stole a glance

Her racing heart started to dance

She suddenly gasped for she heard a sound

She shut her eyes and turned around.

She opened her eyes full of gleam

Her anticipation ran like a stream

Her heart with hope filled instantly

Expectance on her face was plain to see.

But nothing, no sound, nobody there

She blinked, sighed and then just stared

At a man for her who was so real

At a man who’s a character in a TV serial.


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The Rose


Image courtesy:-  franky242/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Soft to the touch

like a new born baby’s cheeks

silky smooth like the

flowing sand through fingers

scent so soothing

it calms your nerves

you stand tall and proud

with your brothers and sisters

you bring joy and happiness

to the people you visited



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